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  • Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Details

Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Details

Scrum Basic
Topic 1: Understand the Scrum Flow, the core components of the Scrum framework, and the Scrum vocabulary
Topic 2: Understand the principles/legs of empirical process control
Topic 3: Understand the work culture Scrum creates


Roles & Responsibilities
Topic 1: Understand the scope of the Product Owner, ScrumMaster and the team role in detail
Topic 2: Understand why there is no project manager and no agile product manager


Product Vision
Topic 1: Understand the importance of having the product vision as an overarching goal galvanizing the entire Scrum team
Topic 2: Understand the desirable qualities of the vision and how it can be shaped
Topic 3: Understand the importance of carrying out just enough prep work
Topic 4: Understand the relationship between vision and product roadmap


Topic 1: Understand the different estimation levels in Scrum
Topic 2: Understand that the accuracy of an estimate is more important than the precision of the estimate
Topic 3: Understand that estimates of size and duration can be done separately
Topic 4: Understand the impact of pressuring team members to provide low estimates
Topic 5: Understand the difference between estimating and committing


Product Backlog
Topic 1: Understand what the product backlog is, and what it is not
Topic 2: Understand product backlog grooming


Topic 1: Understand the importance and benefits of prioritizing the product backlog
Topic 2: Understand the implications of saying everything is mandatory
Topic 3: Understand who should have input into prioritization decisions
Topic 4: Understand that proper prioritization of a product backlog is based on multiple factors
Topic 5: Understand and know how to apply formal approaches to prioritizing (i.e. beyond just ‘gut feel’ or intuition)
Topic 6: Understand how much latitude to give a team in adjusting the sequence of work


Release Management
Topic 1: Understand the goals and how-tos of release planning
Topic 2: Understand that planning is adaptive, iterative and collaborative
Topic 3: Understand why quality is frozen and the concept of technical debt
Topic 4: Understand why software should be released early and frequently
Topic 5: Understand and measure velocity
Topic 6: Understand release burndown charts
Topic 7: Understand how a release plan can help predict the future


Topic 1: Understand the product owner’s role in Scrum meetings, and how the Product Owner and Team collaborate
Topic 2: Understand why sprints are timeboxed and protected
Topic 3: Understand the concept of sustainable pace
Topic 4: Understand team commitment

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